About Us
Stonehome Masonry is a dynamic and knowledgeable team ready to approach your project with professionalism you can rely on. Using block, natural stone and tile we can meet the demands of your particular project within the time line and with dazzling results. Our skilled and conscientious crew bring intelligence to each project and ensure that the process is safe and clean and the final result exceeds expectation.

We can work with you from the design phase to completion or any point in between. Our knowledge and relationship with suppliers will save you money and yield the largest pallet of material for you to choose from. With our industry leading expertise and dedication to excellence at every stage, Stonehome Masonry sets the standard for highest quality.

Stonehome Masonry maintains liability insurance for our clients and is in good standing with Worksafe BC.
Stonehome Masonry is built on experience and expertise. We build with block, natural and cultured stone and tile.

The possibilities with natural stone are endless and Stonehome has experience in everything from basic facing and fireplaces to large slab, column and boulder construction. We do block work for walls and fireplaces. We install interior flooring in all stone and tile options.

Restoration is a large part of our business. Often repairing small cracks or a couple of loose stones will save further ice and water damage down the road. With a little maintenance your masonry wall or structure will keep looking new year after year.

Along with our expertise in installation we can offer design and material sourcing to ensure that you achieve the best look for your budget.
P.O. box 1794
Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia
V0N 1T0
Tel: 604.966.7066